Lawn Maintenance /  Seasonal Clean up / Snow & Ice


Outer Images LLC offers Weekly mowing packages that include the following services:

  • Mowing
  • Edging of all sidewalks and driveway
  • Weedwacking
  • Blowing and Clean up after service
  • Bagging of grass clippings will be priced accordingly

    (Bagging not recommended for best environmental/ lawn health results)
        Fertilization program

  • basic 6 step program

  • Weed and insect management

  • Customized program to get the best performance from your turf

    Outer Images LLC also performs the following services:

  • Core Aeration

  • Overseeding     

  • DeThatching

  • Sod Installation 

    **A Seasonal Clean up is usually completed in March or April and again in November or early December depending on the weather.

    The Spring clean up includes:

    • Trimming and Grooming of all shrubs, trees, grasses, etc.
    • Weeding of all beds (mulch or stone)
    • Recutting of edging of all mulch beds
    • Installation of new mulch (black, brown dyed or root mulch based on client's preference)
    • Installation of top layer of stone to spruce up appearance
    • Removal of all clippings
      The Fall Clean up includes:
    • Weeding of all beds (mulch or stone)
    • Leaf clean up and removal
    • Trimming and grooming of all shrubs, trees, grasses, etc.
    • Removal of all clippings
    • Installation of new mulch or stone if seller desires

       ** Snow and Ice Management services**

    • Plowing services
    • Salt spreading services
    • Shoveling service
    • Pre-storm salt spreading








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